Wednesday, May 15, 2002


As I research a lot of these names In my tree in this area I keep getting the impression that a lot of researchers are finding a reference to Cynthiana, IN and looking on a current map and finding it in Posey county near Evansville IN.
If you are researching people of Shelby, Rush and Decatur counties of Indiana it is important to know that "Blue Ridge" on the Shelby County side of the Shelby / Rush county line was originally "Cynthiana" Indiana. The name was changed by the US Post Office as were many small towns where duplication existed.
I'm sure that many I have seen listed as buried in Posey Co. IN after living in Shelby or Rush county all of their lives are in error...
If the opportunity arises please pass this tid-bit along to anybody that may be working on this area.
Note this is my home area and I have some family buried in Blue Ridge and a large number buried at Moscow in Rush County IN. If someone needs a stone looked for (many are missing in the old parts of most) send me an email and as time permits I will give it a shot.

Footnotes: Moscow in Rush County is pronounced like "coe" not like "cow" as in Russia. If you come here and call it that we will correct you... :-) as some folks from outside of the area found out at a meeting at the church a while back. :-) I live in Shelby Co. but we have property and friends at Moscow in Rush Co..
If you are near the area and have not seen the covered bridge lately you should drive past it now.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002


I'm sure this is quite old hat to most but even with all
of the searching I have done I had not ran across this
specific site. I post the URL here since it involves the
Robinson line and there are new folks just starting out
everyday. Some of you that have been working on your roots
for a long time may also be unaware of it as well. Such is
the nature of cyberspace... :-) I will not even guarantee
that the fraud report is not a hoax... :-) Just something
to keep in mind while you work.

Fraud Report

Happy digging...

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I suspect 2/3rds of the states have a Brown County (just as an example). It doesn't take a second to ad the 2 digit state abreviation. When someone looks at a page they may have gotten there from a search and probably have no idea which state you mean.
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