Wednesday, March 27, 2002


I'm sure this is quite old hat to most but even with all
of the searching I have done I had not ran across this
specific site. I post the URL here since it involves the
Robinson line and there are new folks just starting out
everyday. Some of you that have been working on your roots
for a long time may also be unaware of it as well. Such is
the nature of cyberspace... :-) I will not even guarantee
that the fraud report is not a hoax... :-) Just something
to keep in mind while you work.

Fraud Report

Happy digging...

Link test 2

Old Iron News
Tip # 1:

For Pete's sake when you refer to a city or county etc. PUT IN A STATE REFERENCE !!!
I suspect 2/3rds of the states have a Brown County (just as an example). It doesn't take a second to ad the 2 digit state abreviation. When someone looks at a page they may have gotten there from a search and probably have no idea which state you mean.
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